Momu revealed

In this series, we get to see a glimpse behind the scene's of the Antwerp fashion museum.

Hype court

This video showcases the creation of a hype court by Rise_one

Crane demolition

This old harbour crane was brought down by a small crane and a well coördinated plan.

Expeditie natuurpunt 2022

For Natuurpunt a fund-raiser expedition was held to support local Flemish natural reserves. Drones, 360 and a one wheel helped me produce this dynamic video.

Scheldt quays - AG vespa

The Scheldt quays are being renovated and given back to the people of Antwerp.

Uantwerp climate strategy

This video embodies the vision on climate action of the university of Antwerp.

Baroque Murals

For the city of Antwerp i was happy to document the creation of these amazing graffiti art-works.

Spoorwegbrug Oosterweel

This bridge was put in place in just 72hours. This timelapse-drone footage show a recap.

Connections Untouched - Uzbekistan

A travel video, shot in just 4 days.

Cellist of Hermes ensemble

This cellist compares football with music in a small portrait video.

PSA Breakbulk

Corporate video for this breakbulk terminal

Kringwinkel portretten

Mark has had hiss difficulty's in his job's, but eventually he found a satisfying job as a teamleader. He hopes he can give stability to people who need it.

Afbraak oude ijzerlaan brug

Op 29 en 30 april werd de oude IJzerlaanbrug over het Albertkanaal te Antwerpen definitief afgebroken. Met behulp van timelapse, een hoogtewerker en slow motion camera's maakte ik deze video.

Rock Werchter Aftermovie

Aftermovie for the Belgian festival Rock Werchter. A fusion between time lapse, hyper lapse, infra-red and slow motion. This video won Gold on the 'Belgian corporate video festival' in category 'event'

Whale spotting in a Cathedral

This whale (skeleton) was given a unique place in this Cathedral.

New York Resized

In This video you can see how 'New York Resized' the Tilt shift photo book was created. The slow motion shot's in this video are shot through DIY rubber 'tilt shift' lenses. Enjoy!

Renovation for Velux

In this short video we see before and after video, of a house witch is engulfed in daylight.

Graff TV: Rise One

A lovely piece of graffiti, filmed as dynamically as possible


A lovely campaign to promote breastfeeding for "extra's" in TV series and sitcom's.


"VZW zijn"is a non-profit organisation, who wants to help people who endure physical and mental abuse within households. Take action, search for help and "Do not look away"

'Making of' Antwerp resized

In this small 'behind the scenes' video, you can see part's of how the photobook 'Antwerp resized' was shot and created.

Parkbrug Transport

In this movie, you can follow the final steps in de the completion of a bridge. The painting, and transport. Using timelapse, hyperlapse and slow motion video.

Brug inhijsen Ijzerlaan

This bridge was transported over the channel in to it's final position. The video was shot and delivered in a single night and was showed in the national news the next morning.

Expeditie Natuurpunt 2019

For Natuurpunt a fund-raiser expedition was held to support local Flemish natural reserves.

Ode To Afro

Noortje Palmers makes very play- and colourful photo series. While fooling around at one of her photoset, we created this short teaser- video.

'Forum' photo exposition teaser video

A small 'teaser video' for a photo exhibition.

Iswa congress aftermovie

Aftermovie produced for a well orchestrated world congress, taking place in more than seven different locations.

'Parkbrug' production video

My hometown is expecting a new bridge and asked me to document this process. The first video in this series is the construction.. more videos about assembly, transport and the bridges usage will follow.

The Color Run Hemiksem

After movie of a very colorful event, shot with drones, slow motion and some 'ronin' shots.

Aftermovie #SIC

Aftermovie for the the 'sports innovation congress' .

Fairtrade roses

A video cooperation with Dimitri Van Zeebroeck, i shot a whole week of time lapse of this lovely rose.

Small Belgium Antwerp

My first 'tilt-shift motion' project. This project shows Antwerp, the city I work and live in. An interesting detail is the fact that I used no camera triggers but pushed the button on my photo camera for every individual…

Het AG vespa effect

For the 10th anniversary of AG Vespa, I made this corporate video. The animation shows many of the different projects the company created and puts a focus on living in Antwerp. This entire animation was shot during winter,…

Showreel Jasper Léonard

Showreel, combining a mix of projects.

PSA Zeebrugge "tilt shift"

This animation was created for PSA Zeebrugge and shows their impressive container terminal in full motion.

"Brandweer van 't stad"

The fire department of my home town asked me to make their corporate film in miniature style. We also made use of some "GoPro" action shots.


Starting with a white tram...

Rock Werchter Aftermovie 2013 "Minimentary"

For the Belgian festival "Rock Werchter" I produced this 'tilt shift' after movie. All shots were taken from various "cherry pickers" strategically placed on the festival site.

Chalk drawings

Time lapse documentation of a 'chalk drawing event'.

Big print

As one of the city photographers I was lucky enough to get one of my prints mounted on a building. My biggest print to date was about 20 to 30 meters and hung on a building in my home town for a couple of months.