Jasper Léonard °1985

Is an artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. Leonard was born in Borgerhout, Antwerp and discovered photography as a teenager. At the time, he had no idea that professional photography would evolve as his passion. He achieved a master in Visual arts at Sint Lucas in 2010 and has since been active in different artistic projects.

For his master thesis “cyclopes” he experimented with the creation of photo lenses and wanted to overcome the relationship between realities and their photographic expression.

Jasper got an extra course in photography at Syntra and became a freelance photographer. As a starting photographer, he used his time to create his first "time lapse" projects. This is how he discovered moving image.

Producing commercial videos and photos for a widespread variety of companies, Léonard experimented with still and moving images for the last couple of years. Learning about light and matter in all its glory, Léonard creates awzsomeness all where he goes... drinking Westmalle tripel as he walks day and night over the planes of this mortal realm.

Restructuring reality seems to be a red line throughout his artistic oeuvre. Working with multiple exposures and redesigning his own lenses Léonard feels the need to reshape the way reality is exposed.

In 2012, he became one of "Antwerp's city photographers".
In 2016, he released his first and second photo book Antwerp Resized "Antwerp Resized" And Belgium resized
In 2016 He won the gold award for "best event video" at the "Belgian corporate video festival". With the Rock Werchter 2015 Aftermovie.

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